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Implement HintText property in DropDown when AllowEmptySelection is true

I know that it can be changed to the ComboBox since it is implemented with the NoSelectionText and it can be configured so that only one item is selected (SelectMultiple) and that it is not searched for (IsSearchable) but it would still be useful HintText in the DropDown when the AllowEmptySelection property is true since if the default is set to empty (an empty text string), nothing appears inside the DropDown, I understand that it can be simulated by adding an item before in the Items property and creating the logic that the first item does not return a value but to avoid this, what better than a "help" text when there is no selection?


The idea is that the user selects an item and no longer has the option to remove it if the DropDown has no item selected and the DropDown tells the user that there is no selection with a "help" text.

Status: New
Advocate I

Some time ago I proposed this idea and coincidentally detected something that I do not know if it is a bug, it turns out that I thought that when selecting an item in the Dropdown drop-down list it could no longer be deselected because that is how dropdowns usually are without a blank option but curiously when clicking on the same item, the selected option is deselected, in a way it is very strange and some of my clients did not realize this and it seemed very strange to them that this would happen; if it's not a bug and it's intended that way, I want to suggest that there be a boolean property that allows or not to deselect an item to show that an item has not been selected, but if it's a bug, I hope they fix it soon seeing that the Dropdown is if you select you can no longer deselect, of course if there is no blank option.


If the initial idea of ​​the HintText is applied, it would be good if there were two other properties, one is to initially append to the list that there is a blank option and the other would be one that allows a text in the blank option, for example, if this If the "IncludeBlankOption" property is enabled, the "TextBlankOption" property would be set to "No selection" or just a blank string. As for the HintText, it will only be for when the Dropdown list is not displayed and there is no selected item, in turn that HintText (or placeholder) only appears when there is no selection or when the blank option is selected, of course, if the user decides to select the blank option.