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Implement the feature to control the permission level more strictly in PowerApps

Currently, these three following permission levels are available for apps created by users.
- Owner
- Edit
- Use Only


I am considering about that it will be great if we are able to set the permission levels like examples below.


-The permission level that allows users to edit the apps, but not allowed to manage the apps.
- We would like to set the permission level to edit and use the apps created by December 31,2017, and at the same time, it allows use only for the apps created after January 1, 2018.
- The permission level that allows individual screen per user. (User A is allowed to submit Form, but User B is not allowed to submit, just browse gallery.)


In order to improve usability, I hope the feature will be implemented to control the permission of access level more strictly.
Thank you for your consideration.

Status: New