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Improve Access Request Screen for Enterprise Role Based Access

At present, if a user does not have permission to Power App, they are presented with the following screen.



The user will then click the "Request Access" button which will send an email to the OWNER (just the owner, not co-owners) for them to provide access.


Within our organisation, we use Role Based Access controls using Azure Active Directory security groups and the apps are shared with the relevant group. We also have a well defined access request process for starters/movers/leavers which will automatically add them into the groups as needed.


What I would like is for the ability to provide some sort of custom "Access Denied" page which will allow the Power App developers to provide details to the user of how to request access to the system.


As a first draft idea, maybe on each Power Apps' Settings page, there is a provision to provide a URL that a user would be redirected to if they do not have access. That way, organisations can provide their own custom instructions.

Status: New