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Improve Dependency Tracking, the related UI and Troubleshooting features

Dependency tracking in the "new experience" is godawful. After many hours of messing around I was able to delete the ONE field I was trying to get rid of all along.


Consider the following:

A relationship is created between two entities, that creates the field in both entities.

The field is present on a view in your Model-driven app. You were unaware of this.

I want to delete the field / relationship.


In the new experience I am given NO USEFUL INFORMATION whatsoever to point to where the problem lies.

- It doesn't tell me where field is being used.

- It tells me I can't delete the field because its dependent on the relationship.

- Then tells me I can't delete the relationship because its dependent on the field.

- When poking around 'classic' editor I thought I'd had it when trying to delete, discovered the 'details' option - this pointed me to the view for the first time.

- I edited the view and *still* couldn't delete the relationship!

- I discover I have to publish the customisations (?!) of deleting the view, before I can also delete the relationship, and therefore the field, which then also has to be republished to make a difference. This is ridiculous, it's an unmanaged solution in a dev environment.


What a mess!

Status: New