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Improve IN operator: allow to filter a list based on a multiple objects column (multiple selection combo-box)

It would be great if it were possible to use Filter like this:



UpdateContext({_UserObjectVar: User() })
Filter(MyList, _UserObjectVar in AppointedUsersColumn)




- MyList is a collection (a Sharepoint list in my case)

- _UserObjectVar: stores a user object

- AppointedUsersColumn is a column in MyList, of "user or group" type, contaning multiple user objects per record. Such a column is usually employed by ComboBoxes with multiple selection allowed.



As an alternative, it would be great if the IN operator was actually delegable.

For example:



Filter(MyList, "this string" in TextListStringsCol)



 Where in TextListOfStringsCol records there are simply concatenated strings such as



"that string,this string,yet another string"



The In operator is supposed to be able to find a substring ("this string") in a string ("that string,this string,yet another string"), and is supposed to be delegable. But isn't. Please fix it.


Thank you


Thank you

Status: New