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Improve Print(): Implement printing of multiple pages

Thank you for the print() function. 


However, I have a form that is 3 pages long that I can only print only 1/3 of. 
Can the print() function be improved to allow the printing of multiple pages?

Status: New
Super User
Super User

We need a proper Print. This Print Screen would not do.

Helper II

Agreed.  Being able to print all the returned items in a gallery would be great. Instead of having to instruct users to scroll - print, scroll- print, scroll- print.....
Even if we needed to increase the screen length with page guides to show where the page break lies would be an improvement.

Regular Visitor

Printing of multiple pages would greatly improve user experience. Hope it gets implemented!

Regular Visitor

I have a need for this functionality, to be able to print more than one page would be a great addition.

Regular Visitor

This is an essential feature- the work required to extract hard copy records from PowerApps is a big limitation currently.