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Improve Print(): Implement printing of multiple pages

Thank you for the print() function. 


However, I have a form that is 3 pages long that I can only print only 1/3 of. 
Can the print() function be improved to allow the printing of multiple pages?

Status: Started

Updating the status of this to "Started" to get it in sync with other similar ideas posted - we've begun work on the next phase of printing support. Thank you all for your support of this idea!

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The print() only prints data on a screen at one time; not able to loop multiple screens.  

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And it is this looping or 1 page / record that will transform Power Apps from data entry to a reporting platform.


Im awake at night hoping for this, it would be transformative, we/I simply dont have the ability, capacity or money! to deal with Bi Report Builder and it is this commercial conflict I fear that will block pagination in PApps; Im hoping Microsoft will realise Bi Report Builder is for enterprise IT Depts and should live or die by its own capabilties and allow Power Apps to flourish & evolve for SME's unhindered.


For the record, Power BI is simply briliant for Data Dashboarding, I LOVE it! 


Bi Report Builder (Pagination) should be quietly retired and let Bi team build a more straighfoward pagination feature in Power Bi. Funny isnt it, even trying to write about these 2 distinctly different programs one gets lost and confused in the names. I suspect this confusion extends beyound naming internally; Report Builder shares nothing with Bi save for the ability to connect to data sources without knowing SQL. Other than that Report Builder is just some wierd version of Access. You know its true!


So please please please Power Apps Team - free us all from the Pixel Nightmare that is Report Builder and steal a march on the BI-Team, and of course I can display Power App Forms/Reports in Bi Dashboards, now theres a thought if it conatins a "print all records" button 😉


Apologies for the long message; I have been struggling with App dev for over 30 years! Power Apps is a game changer and deserves the thoughtfull attention and considered remarks even if I lack the technical knowledge.

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Hello and thanks all for sharing your fervor for printing improvements and continuing to share your scenarios and what you'd like to see. We're working on this with high priority and will share a further update soon.

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Tracking this is a need for us as well. We urgently need the ability to print forms that span multiple pages, rather than cropped to the currently visible extent show on the screen. Lack of this capability hinders adoption of Power App as an enabling technology for key initiatives.


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To Summarise the Report Print features (please wade in folkes if Ive missed something), we appreciate the complexity and issues for the PowerApps Team, so a phased deployment perhaps with declared limitations (eg Page Size/counts or Record Limits).


1) FormView RECORD Pagination - Print Multiple Records. 1 Page/Record.

1.2) In inital implementation Print ALL Records in FormView related Gallery (pull from Gallery List/DataSource).

1.3) To include 'nested' Gallery Images within a FormView Page (might be a different List/DataSource).

1.4) Perhaps later Implementation ability to select/filter Record.ID 'range' for Print

Note: There are already Gallery Datasource record count/filter limitations/constraints (delegation warnings).


2) FormView PAGE Pagination - Print Multiple Pages for a "lengthy" FormView Page

2.1) In initial implementation Print feature takes a "view" on best fit & page count (maybe based on font size, HxV pixel count).

2.2) To include 'nested' Gallery Images within FormView Page (might be a different List/DataSource).

2.3) Later implementation to define Page Setup from within App print function.


For our usage we are content with the usual Windows Edge Print Dialogue Screen options (Pdf/PhysicalPrinter/etc), we dont need printing from mobile device. Printing Reports being a desktop process.


Hope the above is helpfull, if the more advanced members can define my language more effectively please feel free.

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The only way I managed to get a long form to print was to create a seperate screen (Print Screen)and increase the form size. I then copied the form into it twice laid it out as 2 columns. I deleted some of the fields in each column so it ran in sequence, see image (kept it small so I didn't have to hide all data.)


I added a button to my main form linked to it, and put a print icon in the print form. I added navigation back to main screen after print as form kept opening in print view which filled all screen?


Hope this is useful to others.



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This is a must!