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Improve Trial/Production Onboarding Workflow

This is in regards to this thread:


Please consider cleaning up this process.  Users shouldn't even having to know that they are creating a "trial" or "production" environment, just that they can create an environment and that they can create a maximum of two of them.


Additionally, these environment(s) should seemlessly transition from "trial" to "production" once the user throws down the bones for your impressive product and services.  Consider the effort and exploration that a potential customer would exhert in spending 30 (or, really, 90 ;)) days getting their model and apps just right in these environment(s) that they have created, only to have to RECREATE all that effort in a new environment.  That simply does not align with the "ease of use" and "power" that is provided and demonstrated throughout the rest of your offering here.


Seriously, the vision here is pretty amazing.  You want to onboard your paying customers as such and have the least amount of hiccups and disruption in harnessing your goods.

Status: New
Power Apps

Thanks DragonSpark for the feedback. We are cleaning up this process and going to make it smoother for our customers to use.