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Improve export/import of canvas apps across tenants

An exported canvas app which references SharePoint lists is a pain to import into a different tenant.


Let's say the app references 15 lists from the same SharePoint site. After importing the app the developer must delete all list references (one by one) and then add them back one by one to a SharePoint site on the new tenant.


In the import screen there should be an option to point a SharePoint connection to a specified SharePoint site on the new tenant (or multiple sites, if there are more than one connection in the exported package).

Status: Started

This is getting close. There's a mention of it towards the end of this blog.


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Can we have an update on this please? For solutions that makes use of the common data service, it should work well after importing the Power Apps on a different environment and or tenant, as long as the entities and fields being used are present in the environment. However, this is not the case for the SharePoint lists being used as the data source.

If possible, please have a feature upon importing the Power App to do the following:

  • allow the users to select the SharePoint connection to use for the Power App
  • for every list being used in that Power App, select the SharePoint site. (That way if your Power App is connecting to multiple SharePoint sites, you can identify them in the configuration)

It would make everyone's lives easier by doing this. You no longer have to remove all the data sources manually after importing.


Power Apps
Status changed to: Started

This is getting close. There's a mention of it towards the end of this blog.


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Yay! it's started, let's hope it arrives soon!

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September is long gone! What's the status????!?