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Improve the accuracy of the support service status web page

In the past, the support webpage would show outages and service interruptions.



I don't think this this page has been working for some time.


To take an example, there have been at least two cases this month (Jan 2021) where users have reported outages that have not appeared here. These include the following:


It would be really helpful if this page showed more up-to-date information, as it would quickly help app builders diagnose problems that are connected to some part of the Power Platform that is currently not working. Thank you.

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Super User

This is a very important suggestion!  

I hear from too many people that do NOT have access to their 365 admin center to check the status of services who review the PowerApp status page and find out that everything is running "smoothly".  

They then spend a lot of time trying to reconfigure, troubleshoot, restart, etc their devices and equipment thinking the problem must surely be theirs.


If the status page cannot be made to be accurate, it would be better removed!  Based on the above, if people see no status, at least they might try to find some other answers before wasting their time (and potentially misconfiguring existing services) trying to make their PowerApps work because of an Inaccurate status.


PLEASE either REMOVE the Status page for PowerApps or make it work properly.  

Super User

Thanks@RandyHayes - I agree with you - it would be much better to remove the status information if it doesn't show accurate information.


For anyone reading this retrospectively, this post arises from another outage (May 2021) where users have struggled to find accurate status information.