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Improve the use of groups to manage objects in design studio

There are a few improvements that could be made to make the groups better
1. Make groups nestable
2. Allow adding new items to groups without losing the group name
3. Allow setting more parameters by setting at the group level which are inherited down using a parent parameter. More useful than simply mass editing
4. Allow group aliases, so you can create something in one screen that is used as an alias in another, such as a confirmation dialogue
Status: New
Power Apps

The new enhanced Group control addresses the first two items of your suggestion.  This is starting as an experimental feature since we are replacing the existing Group concept to provide this richer functionality.  Since Group is not a real control instead of design time grouping, more can be added to it in the future.


You can read more about it in the blog post


The other two suggestions are also valid but would require something more than just a layout container control which is what the Group is now doing.  Leaving your idea in a new status to keep the other two items.