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Improved DatePicker Customization

I'm working on building some PowerApps for my team, and love what I've been able to do so far. But it seems the DatePickers have incredibly limited customization options. (I may also just not have realized how to edit it yet)


They currently look too large and clunky in my app and I'd like to be able to edit the color, size, and even hide/remove the calendar icon. That one part of my form looks so out of place compared to the rest of it.


I'm specifically talking about the calendar icon and box to the right of the DatePicker. I currently just have a square covering it up to hide it from my users. Man Surprised

Status: Planned
Level: Powered On

Hi @Audrie-MSFT -- any plans to get this one in work, as it has been planned for a few years now? Thanks! 

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We couldn't wait for this to be done so I played with canvas components, started with samples provided here: . One of the samples is a calendar component which I reused to build a simpler one with addition of time picker (didn't need date ranges for example).

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@ZARE Thanks for the tip, and for the resources on that workaround. 

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Please include time picker.

Please also give us the ability to hide the section with todays information.   Let us customize it so rather than image 1, it looks like image 2.   And of course resizing the calendar itself.   In my app, on my screen it's HUGE.


datepicker1.jpgImage 1


datepicker2.jpgImage 2



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Customization is essential, as in Japanese, the date picker cuts off the day names, and I can't change the size of them to make them fit:
Japanese Date Picker.jpg

Additionally, I can't see how to change the language of the Ok and Cancel buttons!



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@Audrie-MSFT have been planned since April 2017... Will it or won't it be fixed in the near future? Wonder if I should make lenghty work-around or not...