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Improved DatePicker Customization

I'm working on building some PowerApps for my team, and love what I've been able to do so far. But it seems the DatePickers have incredibly limited customization options. (I may also just not have realized how to edit it yet)


They currently look too large and clunky in my app and I'd like to be able to edit the color, size, and even hide/remove the calendar icon. That one part of my form looks so out of place compared to the rest of it.


I'm specifically talking about the calendar icon and box to the right of the DatePicker. I currently just have a square covering it up to hide it from my users. Man Surprised

Status: Planned
Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned

It would be good to change the icon color from the DatePicker

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Agreed, would lov to be able to customize the experience of the datepicker more that what limited amound we can now. Glad to see this is planned

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Also some dropdown chevron controls include "CheveronHoverFill" and some do not.

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As per the client style guide we are supposed to use a certain color palette, however the limitations on the ability to change the icon color and calendar color is forcing us to use the default blue color which stands out as a sore thumb. Would love to see this fixed in the next release.

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Running into this issue now, the calendar needs more color control options. 

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I would love to see the ability to change the size of the date picker, and possibly choose a new position for it.

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Definetly will love to have more control of the color theme used with the date picker control

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It's a big problem when you create a narrow form (as I've had to do for a SharePoint custom form, so that it actually works on a mobile device!!!) - the date picjker gets cut off.  This is really bad (see attached).


Cut off date picker in narrow formCut off date picker in narrow form

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Customers are saying they don't want an OK button, can they not just select the date and that value is used?