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Improved Web Service Interoperability with Custom Connectors

At the moment, PowerApps is very challenging to use on custom connectors directly and still requires Flow to operate correctly.  The root cause is two-fold:


  • Ability to set and read headers
    • It is EXTREMELY common to have to provide a user token as a Bearer header.  Most major APIs, including some from Microsoft, require this token be passed in header.
    • Additional information frequently comes back in response headers including the error code.
    • PowerApps absolutely needs to have an ability to set a header value for requests and read header values from responses to ever be a truly enterprise grade app
  • Error handling
    • PowerApps needs to be able to have more intelligent error handling so developers can reliably respond to a client
    • Today, anything other than 200 is considered an error; however, there is no way to say what kind of error it is. The HTTP error codes must be discoverable by the PowerApp 
    • Developers absolutely need access to the HTTP message too.  PowerApps should not bury this and make it difficult to interact intelligently with services


Status: New