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Improved / dynamic control referencing

PowerApps would be much simpler to use and would become materially more accessible to the average user if it were possile to reference a controls with simple text variables. A couple of things that are not currently possible:


  • Dynamically reference which Icon should appear, based on a text value - e.g. Icon.Label1.Text, the only allowable options are either to directly reference (e.g. Icon.Home) or to create a Switch laying out which text variables relate to which Icons (e.g. Switch(Label1.Text, "Home", Icon.Home, etc)) - simply referencing using the icon text name would make life much easier!
  • Dynamically reference which screen to navigate to - exactly as above, only by directly referencing the screen (e.g. Navigate(Home)) or again using a switch can this be done - it should be possible to reference a text input elsewhere and handle the navigation (e.g. Navigate(Label1.screen))

Please, please, please can you help with this - my dream is to create apps that have minimal maintenance effort and the vast majority of all behaviour is driven from the information held in the relevant SharePoint lists (which are then also kept relevant through the app itself) - more dynamic controls really simplifies how apps are built, how they can be maintained and makes life much easier for entry level users.




Status: New