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Improved management of variables and collections - including Comments

I am juggling multiple apps and sometimes I forget what variables and collections are used for.

I'd love to be able to see where each collection and variable is defined and where it is used (if at all).  If I have an old variable or collection I created but don't need, I'd be better able to see it if this was centrally. I know most of this info is available for variables now, but not for collections.  I think Variables and Collections should be merged and then you can drill down into the variable or collection to see the columns and records if necessary.


Being able to annote each variable or collection would also greatly improve long-term ALM, especially if I pass on this app to another developer.  It would be nice to have all the documentation contained in the app itself.

Bonus: A 'Documentation' or 'Admin' tab that has reports on resources currently being used by app (variables, collections, controls, media, etc.) and maybe warnings if there are potential issues.  

Double Bonus: Allow admin's to set/declare variables (and collections) from a central location as part of the central management features (essentially replacing "OnStart" with a GUI)

Status: New