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Improvements to Launch()

At the moment Launch() can launch the browser with a link to a file in OneDrive etc., but not to a file from the Local file system. For example, Launch("file://D:\test.html") does not work. So, we need to

1. Add support for accessing the local file system (to read and also to write).

2. Ability to lauch other programs also. For example, when we retrieve a pdf stored in AzureSQL, we should be able to Launch() Adobe Reader, passing the retrieved file as a parameter.

Status: New
Advocate I

This is exactly what i have been after with a few clients now. They want the Launch to be able to open a file explorer file:// but in chrome it just opens a new tab. Internet explorer doesnt do anything when you click on the button in PowerApps.

This works on a SharePoint List item no problem but we need to be able to open a file explorer from within powerapps on an onselect button click.


Shame this hasnt got many upvotes as it would be really great to have. Client default browser is chrome so i fear this will never be possible.

Advocate III

@StuartSSTech, did you see any alternative?


Advocate I

@Rodolfo1840 sadly not, we moved on from this as we didn’t find a solution. I also havnt looked into this since either so I can’t provide any update.

Advocate III

ok 😞