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In PA Studio, select a custom theme from the themes.json file

Dear voters,

This idea has been moved here:

Thank your for your understanding,


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Hi @DemoWelten365@Hulzkulln@Schneika@KSCIPIAPPS@CWE@NightKing@xmabille@SchneidAIR@yshariff,

Dears voters, first of all thank you for voting for this idea which I really hope will come true :)... Originally I created this idea last wednesday but there was a problem with the post. So yesterday I created a duplicate post which worked better.

So could I ask you to take a few seconds to report your vote to the other post please?

Here is the link:

And I will "close" this one.

Thank you so much.

Have a wonderfull day wherever you are... 🙂