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Inbuilt attachment viewer: Open different attachment formats (from SP form attachment control) from within PowerApps mobile app


I am contacting regarding an issue that I face for PowerApps mobile app on iPhone (probably its the same behavior on some android phone also). I am not able to open photos directly or open excel/pdf files on iPhone. I have tested iPhone 6, 7, 10 and the behavior is the same. Android is much smarter in this case.


I also opened an incident #119101821001695 with MS and we reached the conclusion that it's the OS (IOS, Android) behavior that makes it difficult to open different attachments on iPhone. Here is their response and I quote:


"This is actually the way that iOS and Android handles attachment displays by default. iOS will pop up the options of what to do with it, whereas Android will show some of the attachments and have buttons to take options with it. For the users to view the files on iOS, they can save it to Files and open it through the files app, or (if a photo), save it to Photos app and view it there. To have a dedicated attachment "viewer" on iOS inside PowerApps would be a new feature request."


It would be great if we can have inbuilt "attachment viewer" in PowerApps mobile app.


I have also attached a video for clear explanation.





Status: New