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Include option--in PowerApps Admin Center--to display Sample apps to a select group of users

Configure PowerApps the same way the 'Release preferences' for new features and services for O365 in the Admin Center by adding an option to include a list of users to display the sample apps. Right now all users get to see the sample apps, but since PowerApps is not really a 'regular' user friendly (although MS claims it is) tool, it is creating lots of confusion and troubleshooting activities from the support team due to users wondering about these sample apps. We need to be able to identify power users and allow them to get familiar with these sample apps; but when a user that is just installing and using the PowerApps tool for the first time, they get to see all these samples and are generating many support requests thinking that these are apps developed by the internal development team. I have submitted a service request to remove the sample apps from user and not from tenant admins, but the reply I got was "we can remove sample apps from everyone and we cannot display them to just admins" which I find an unnaceptable response. We've decided to remove them from 'all' users to avoid confusion, but I hope MS fixes this to allow a select group of people only.

Status: New