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Increase limits of decimal column type in CDS

The decimal field type only lets you use values between -100 million and 100 million.


This is way too small for the data we want to import - any financial reporting solution will find this limit difficult to work work.


Please increase the size of this column type to be in the 10s or even 100 billions range.

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I think also here is not only to increase the amount that handled, but to what level of precision. Storing $903,392,340.39435834838 is not supported. Currency truncates after 4 decimals, and while that works for some cases, those decimals are important in aggregations at financial institutions where millions of decimal transactions are at stake.

I shouldn't have to resort to storing as text or splitting amongst 2 separate columns to store the integer and decimal portions...


@SohailKhan Currency provides a much larger value maximum.


@engferno How many decimal places are you looking for?


Currency supports up to +/- 2 trillion