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Insert Gallery and Forms component into Scrollable Canvas

It would be great if we could insert Gallery and Forms into Scrollable Canvas

so we will have more options on how we will present the data.


Currently, it's not possible:


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Hi @AriGunawan,


I believe this is possible, it's just that you have to 'force' it a bit... 

The way I've managed to achieve this is:

- create a scrollable screen

- insert a gallery (which will be outside the canvas)

- cut the gallery (ctr+x)

- click on the DataCard I want the gallery to be in and paste (ctr+v)




Give it a try and let me know if you need further help 🙂


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Hi @Anonymous

Wow, it works! Thanks Smiley Very Happy


I wonder why it doesn't work on 'normal' way.

Maybe there will be any issues if we forced to do it?


I got below information from my question here:

That's why I created this request.


2017-11-01 09_57_29-Solved_ Couldn't insert Gallery or Forms control in Scroll... - Power Users Comm.png

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Great, thanks for the tip ! It also worked for me 🙂

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I've noticed this: 


  • When inserting a Gallery into an existing Data Card, the two controls must share a common Data Source. 
  • If the Gallery has its own Data Source, it will not display the data. (or at least I couldn't achieve this)




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This is really helpful! Thanks.

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I have also noticed the same issue that @ericThomas has brougth up. I have five separte checkboxes that all have different Data Source, which will not display correctly when running the form outside of PowerApps. Works great inside of PowerApps but not outside. Man Sad

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Cut & paste worked perfectly..thank you!

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Thank you Anonymous MVP. You've just saved my day!

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Just want to note for anyone else trying this for Forms, adding Forms still doesn't work. Can't nest Forms inside a scrolling canvas even with copy and paste.

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This is really bizarre, as I've been able to add forms to scrolling canvas for some time - at least up until yesterday when it stopped working.   My existing scrollable screens still work, but I can't add new ones as others have mentioned.