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Insert screens from another app

It would be great if I could save screens I've created in one PowerApps app and paste or insert it into another.

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This is a duplication of "Copy and paste between open apps" idea.





Level: Powered On

I too, second that this feature would a great feature to enable. 

Level: Powered On

It will be useful either by copy and paste between apps or by creating a link to multiple apps.

We can avoid creating same screen multiple times for each apps. 

Level: Powered On

I agree that this feature would make life easier.  I can copy stuff from one app to another as Max's link explains, but I wish I could grab a whole screen to copy over in one action.  Copying over all the objects and pasting into a new screen in the destination app gets the job done but requires a bit of tweaking to realign everything just as it was in the original app--which can take a while depending on how much loses its place.


@Anonymous I don't think what the author wants is a duplicate of the link you provided.  That feature request (which has been completed) allows us to copy and paste objects between apps, but what this request is for is to be able to copy a complete screen between apps.  We still can't do that.  I am going to have to pull a couple of screens over from one app to another, and to do it I will need to create blank screens in the destination app and copy/paste every item over.  It would be simpler to just copy the whole screen and then insert it into the new app.