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Inserting images and tables with a rich text editor

In SharePoint's default form, it is very convenient to insert images and tables, but if we use a rich text editor with customized form in PowerApps, those features will not be available.
Currently it is a preview version, but I hope PowerApps' rich text editor will be able to use the same features as SharePoint's rich text editor.

Status: New
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Please get it done asap

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Need to have ASAP.

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Any idea when this might be implemented? The table feature would be nice also.


Thanks - Monty

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Please add it in.

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Similar to the rich text control for SharePoint lists, we need to implement the ability to attach images and tables.
Please implement it as soon as possible.

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I found a simple solution.  I am using a SharePoint List for storing data in Powerapps.  I created a field in the share point list that is multiline, but NOT rich text.  I open the list in and select the item to display in a form.  For the control type of the field in the form, I set it to 'Edit rich text'.  I can now drag and drop the image on this rich text editor and the raw html is saved in the list.  The image I dragged in is saved. 😊

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@dpsmith05 - This is a decent workaround and I feel pretty silly that I missed it. Thanks for sharing!

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@dpsmith05 thank you for your tips.