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Inserting images and tables with a rich text editor

In SharePoint's default form, it is very convenient to insert images and tables, but if we use a rich text editor with customized form in PowerApps, those features will not be available.
Currently it is a preview version, but I hope PowerApps' rich text editor will be able to use the same features as SharePoint's rich text editor.

Status: New
Kudo Kingpin

It's sooo needed 🙂

Frequent Visitor

Honestly, even this is a better rich text editor than the one in PowerApps. With two perfectly good examples (this and the Sharepoint editor), why the desire to start from scratch and produce something vastly inferior?

Advocate II

Very needed, tables and pictures coded in Base64 (not only links to Sharepoint or another web...)

New Member

We need this asap. Microsoft do something about this.

Advocate IV

Sometimes, I can't believe why Micro$oft often do this ...
The Rich Text Editor is so important, but so limited!

Regular Visitor

We need this as soon as possible please. 

New Member

I'd like to like Power Apps but yes, it seems like 10 steps backwards in capability than all previous methods.  So limited, in so many ways.  There is certainly convenience for the super-simple things that weren't that hard to code before, and near-impossibility for other things we take for granted.