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Integration of Powerapps - CDS - SharePoint - Flow - Workflow

I would like to see how a Powerapps solution using CDS for capturing information, images(Camera/Video, and associatted documents linked in from OneDrive for Business can be surfaced in SharePoint so that actions can be workflowed to solve business requirements.


Have users be able to see security trimmed lists of sharepoint records in their PowerApp to manage records through their business lifecycle.


useful for:

  • Expense Claims (Cannot attach pictures to sharepoint record)
  • Site Inspections (sample is excel and Onedrive, not a multi user solution, no workflow)
  • OHS Incident reporting/resolutions
  • Invoice Approvals
  • Asset Management
  • Service Requests
  • Stock Damage reporting
  • Vehicle Incidents

Will require ability to produce dashboards on worklows to show activity levels


Integration with BI for KPI reporting


All of the examples I have seen do not go far enough with covering integration requirements.

The value is not in the individual modules functionality of PowerApps, CDS, Flow, SharePoint and Power BI but in the solution as a whole package.

Status: New