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Integration with OfficeLens app

Author Name: Philippe Brissaud

OfficeLens app is a great way to keep track of notes or white board sessions with customers.

It would be great to connect it with our mobile experience so that we can classify those notes and whiteboards sessions per customer meeting or opportunities or event projects.

Status: New
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Status changed to: New
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This idea is great. I think using the power of Office Lens to flatten documents is a great use case in PowerApps.

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Agreed and voted, was just thinking about this as I want to be able to create a PowerApp to capture business cards into a SharePoint list for a simple customer tracking system...being able to flatten the documents in PowerApps would be really useful.

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Great idea. I was thinking of it for processing expenses. But I found this idea in an entry of 2017. Hopefully somebody will take care.


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This is great idea. I found similar idea at:

People voting here can also vote on this idea as it has more votes and currently it is "Under Review".