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Intellisense in Powerapps

I am trying to use Flows with powerapps with more than 25+ columns in sharepoint.The intellisense in powerapps for the required fields is hiding by the Powerapps ribbon as shown in the attached Picture.To see what is hidden there,I have to inspect the expecting columns.

In the attached image you can see the first required element as Updatefileproperties_Cc5,But it is hiding Updatefileproperties_Cc1 to Updatefileproperties_Cc4 in the Powerapps Header ribbon. So please look into this and it will help for easy understanding of the required element or required format etc.. 

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Yes, I am also facing the same issue. Please take a look into this to make the PowerApps better

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Kudo Kingpin

From what I can see here, there is a solution on its way 🙂