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Interface to PowerShell

Allow PowerApps to accesss code written in PowerShell. 

My use case, is that I want a Powerapp form to be able to pass data to Powershell to be add a user account to AD and/or Office365.

Also, it would be great of there were PowerShell cmdlets which would invoide a Powerapp. 

Status: New
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If you have Azure, you can use powerapps to call a Flow, that in turn runs an PS script in an Azure Automation runbook.

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There is so much automation that could be done easily if it was possible just to call Powershell functions and get some return data. 

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I'm looking for something simple.  I have a button in a Power Apps that executes a PS script when I click a button.  This scenario would run against the SharePoint Admin Center.

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I can't believe that there hasn't been more traction on this. This would be such a huge power boost to PowerApps.

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I need to get user's invitation status that is available via PowerShell only and not available on MS Graph