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Join tables

Allowing to join 2 tables. In my scenario, I have created a button for managers to see their approved / rejected forms in gallery and there is another button for just users to see all the submitted forms in the gallery and by default the galleries item is set to show all the submitted requests(Forms) for the current user. Now when the user deletes the form from there app, it is also getting removed from the managers records too because these records are from the same table and if one row is deleted from sql table it will be deleted everywhere. It will be nice to have a feature or permissions for stuff to be shown to users and for managers differently. I have deleted history table which stores all the deleted items as well and also the history table which shows any modifications made and the table of the app. I am not sure how to join these two tables since I havent done this before , it would be nice to have join() so all the approved/rejected forms will be still shown for managers even if the user deletes from there App. Thanks!!
Status: New