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Jump to the next Item, when Text-input meets the max-length. Cursor should be able to jump to the next tab-index item or trigger a function.

the cursor in a Text-input control after meeting the max-length should have the option of jumping to the next tab-index item or triggering a function or staying in the same field.

It will be useful for filling up the forms. For example the number of characters of EmployeeID, Phone Numbers, Bank Accounts, or Credit card numbers, etc. is fixed. So when the operators (for data entry) are filling lots of forms, they no need to press Tab key and automatically, the cursor goes to the next field, also in programming, we may use it as a trigger for reindexing or refreshing collections with new criteria to overcome to the limitation of 2000 records in cash collection and the delegation issues and many other usages. 

Thank you in advance.


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Status: New
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This is possible with a little code in each of the controls OnChange's to use