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Keep the PowerApps Windows Desktop App updated on the same schedule as the Mobile Apps

I have several clients that use Windows Deskop as their primary OS, and wish to use PowerApps through the Windows Desktop App player.

However, the Desktop App player rarely gets an update, and is now so far behind the current release that my newer apps won't even work, but display an error message telling me that I should run it on the Browser or Mobile device.   This contradicts the 'Supported App Platforms' listed in the PowerApps System Requirements Article on


I have been unable to find any information on the release schedule for PowerApps desktop, or whether it's even going to continue being supported.   Either way, I would like Microsoft to keep the Windows Store Desktop App updated and working with PowerApps going forward (I mean, it is your own Operating System, isn't it?)

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This would be great. Even if the app was just a player with offline capabilities.