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Keeping UI each time open app

All screen expand all items every time open the apps. Pls keep them as we saved



Status: Completed

While we dont remember your setting yet, I think you will be very happy with the recent updates to start with a clean default state and allow expand all/collapse all.


Expand all / collapse all at the highest level i.e. all screens is coming next.


Here's the blog post:

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Suggested this also in the interview I had about PowerApps. It is to cluttered like this

Frequent Visitor

Oh my goodness gracious, this would make me so happy. I'm way too OCD and every time I open my apps I spend time going through collapsing the various trees.

Frequent Visitor

I thought I was the only one.  I would love this feature too!

Power Apps

Hey @MinhPhaLe,

Thanks for the submission, and your patience as we work through this idea. 🙂 

Power Apps
Status changed to: Under Review
Community Champion

Good idea.


A collapse all/expand all button would also be useful to go with this idea.

Power Apps

@MinhPhaLe @mr-dang @walegado_gswc @fastlanestrange @arjancornelisse

Hey folks! 

Just so I completely understand the ask:


When opening an app, the default tree view should have everything collapsed under the screens.

Is there a situation where the first screen should be expanded, but the rest collapsed? 


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@emmacindeed, keep it collapsed, or as suggested save the state of the menu from the moment it was closed

Community Champion


I vote for saving the last state with the option to expand all/collapse all.


Would it be feasible to implement expand all/collapse all to the context menu of an individual Screen?

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@emmac a simple "expand all/collapse all" would be fantastic. Remembering the last state would be a super-bonus.