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Label rotate

It would be nice to be able to rotate the label control - like you can rotate the image control in increments of 90 degrees.

Status: Planned
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For some reason, I feel that this community is poorly managed. Or at least, the PA support staff doesn't really look over the ideas posted. (Just so they're listening, which I doubt. But feedback!) But hey, at least your idea is added to PA.





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Adding @FilipK for PA controls

Hey @JohnP @Anonymous, Thank you for your patience on this response. We try to respond to the awesome ideas, and don't always make it to all of them 😞 But please know we do consider and include these ideas when we go to plan what to tackle next to make PowerApps better for everyone. Appreciate this submission. 

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One work aroudn for this is to use a HTML text control and use inline css.


for example the HTMLText property can be set to:

"<p style='margin:0;
transform: rotate(-90deg);position: relative;'>
Hi This is Vertical Text!
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Anthony, Do you have any workaround ideas to do this on an icon?  

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I imaging the same approach of using HTML could be used to rotate an image (icon) 

<img id="image_canv" src="/image.png" class="rotate90">

You could drive the rotation using formula if needed.  

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Right I know the html code around it but where in power apps would I be able to put that with the built in icons/shapes they have? The html text box is a different type of box then a regular label box .. I don’t actually have the image loaded into PowerApps

Also FYI for images - there is a built-in functionality that allows rotation/mirroring
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another solution is to use the Image control and put dynamic svg image text. then set the ImageRotation property to "Rotate270"


"data&colon;image/svg+xml,%3Csvg xmlns=''%3E%3Ctext x='80' y='30' font-size='20' text-anchor='middle' alignment-baseline='middle'%3E Pretty in the middle!%0A%3C/text%3E%3C/svg%3E%0A"
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Status changed to: Planned
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Would be nice if this were in increments of 45 degrees, or completely arbitrary. 90 degree rotations aren't as readable as 45 degrees, for example for column headings.

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Planned 2.5 years ago ... nothing happened. Go figure!