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Label rotate

It would be nice to be able to rotate the label control - like you can rotate the image control in increments of 90 degrees.

Status: Planned
Helper V

Is this still planned?


When I'm running the Solution Checker in the Maker Portal I keep getting an issue related the the use of HTML. 


"Use another method instead of HTML, or remove the HTML from this element."


It would be great if that 'other method' could simply be a rotated text label. 

Super User

Lets get this one escalated guys.  A rotate control in ALL objects, not just labels.  This seems so much like basic fundamentals.  Should also throw in the rotate point.  x,y coordinates.  Default 0,0 or center.


Dont forget about the PDF object too.  Its silly trying to read a landscape PDF file on a phone.  So much wastes space in portrait.

Regular Visitor

Planned 2.5 3.5 years ago ... nothing happened. Go figure!