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Author Name: Xavier Vargas

Given that the total count of records in a grid has been limited to "5000+" for performance reasons, it seems that a compromise could be reached by adding the ability to jump to the final page of records. As it stands, a user could page through all pages until they reach this final page which would represent a greater performance imapact.

Status: Under Review
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Status changed to: Under Review
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I agree. If the CRM user interface allows us to go to the FIRST page, it should also allow us to go to the LAST page. I can't understand why this option isn't there. I'd still like to see the total count of records - perhaps it'll get into CRM 2013 (please!)
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Hi Xavier, Thanks for the feedback, however this is a duplicate suggestion and had been reported earlier as well Hence, i will be closing this as dupe and would request you to upvote the primary suggestion. It didn't made the cut for CRM 2013, but we are still considering it for a future release of CRM. Thanks Dileep
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In addition to the final page, for example, set the items for displaying 50 items or 100 items, and implement functions so that pages 1 and 2 are automatically generated.