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Launch App from Viz Tile to stay in the same tab of browser when opening app.



The new LaunchTarget function using the SELF option to remain in the same tab currently only works within  We are looking to have this function extended out to the APP VIZ Tile from within


The basic scenario:  We have an application using SharePoint Lists as the data source, PowerApps as the data entry tool, and Power BI as the reporting tool on the lists.  From the BI report, a user views their desired filtered list of records. From the REPORT VIEW, we have built a specific PowerApps visualization tile so that they can select a specific record while still viewing the report, and go directly to that data entry app screen from a button click from the report itself.  This is where the LAUNCH function is performed (from the PA Viz tile in the report). Currently, even when using the new LaunchTarget.Self option, the App still opens in a separate browser tab ( launching  The issue with this is that it interrupts navigation, specifically when the user is in full screen mode (function pops out of full screen, then opens a new tab - user then cannot use the back button, but has to remember to physically close the new tab to get back to the report).


So, the basic requirement:  Have the "PowerApps Viz tile" in APP.POWERBI.COM recognize the new LaunchTarget.Self function to stay in the same tab when opening the launched app - to allow full screen navigation to seamlessly go back to the calling report using the back button, rather than having to close a separate tab and then relaunch Full Screen mode for the report.


Make sense?  Please let me know if you need additional info.  Thanks

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I assume this may still be cutting edge that nobody else is doing yet, but I would appreciate a response on how possible it is to take a look at this?