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Launch Outlook client to open a specific email based on the email id or conversation ID

It would be great to be able to launch Outlook web or desktop client to open a specific email based on the email id or conversation ID.

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I need this as well. Does anyone know of a work around at the moment?

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I'm able to link to web outlook messages directly in Sharepoint.


I used Power Automate with a Cloud Flow to add to a Sharepoint List when a message arrives. I added a Sharepoint List with From, MessageId, and ConversationId.


I made MessageId a link field. The cloud flow sets the MessageId field with this Expression.





That automatically links to your MessageID in Outlook365.


Only you can view your own MessageId messages.


I'm now looking on what URL links to a conversation ID.


I'm hoping conversationIds can be accessed across team members.


I was able to link to the conversationId like this.{encodeUriComponent(triggerOutputs()?['body/conversationId'])}


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I need this as well.
I use power-automate to get conversation ids into my excel sheet, from witch I would like to use macro to open conversations in outlook desktop. The problem is, from what i found on the internet, VBA allows to search messages only by entryId, which can not be obtined from power automate.

Also, the fact that messageId and entryId is completly unrelated, kills me inside.