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Launch file explorer, external applications.

It would be extremely useful for Power Apps to be able to open a specified folder in file explorer. (I envisage users opening a gallery item that points to a folder on a local network drive).


My app already creates a series of files in a specified folder via a flow, now it would be great if a button automatically opened that folder location.


Failing that, the ability for SharePoint to natively open Adobe InDesign files (and then use the already existing launch() function to link to that SharePoint file, which in turn triggers InDesign to open, would do the job I'm after as well.


I understand that functionality already exists for Adobe Acrobat CC (although I haven't been able to get that integration tool to work yet).


More cross integration between Windows 10, Adobe, and Power Apps in general would be fantastic.

Status: New
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Couldn't agree more.

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I have the same need.