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Launching App/Web Page in same tab/page of browser.

Currently, PowerApps Launching Function is redirecting another app/page to different tab instead of same page. This feature is good for few schenarios but also we should have capabilities to launch in same page with using specific parameter value like (True/False).


Tipical observation on Launching function::

When I am loading page and clcking button where Launch Function is specified to load another app, it is loading successfully in different tab. But while I am reverting back from 2nd app to parent app with same Launch function with passing parent page web link url then it is loading in Same Tab. When I reach parent page and repeat the same steps, it is working in same tab.


Note: in my observation, Launching different tab only in first time execution of each session. Not sure the reason but observed.

Status: Started

We've taken a look at the work needed and believe we can fit it in even with competing priorities.  We hope to have this out within the next three months and I'll report back here if we encounter a delay.

Level: Powered On

Add ability to add target=_parent to launch()


Exit(Launch(<website>)) by default opens the website in a new tab and the current tab goes to page. Would be better if it went to the site by default. 



Level: Powered On

Has the ability to add target=_parent to launch() been introduced for Launching Function? For the app i'm creating, it is very important to open a webpage in the parent page when clicking 'cancel' button.  

Level 8

I concur. I am certainly not the only professional developer who fears running into size & complexity issues wwith complex apps. There has to be a way to juggle multiple related apps, without a large proliferation of tabs or closing out within the mobile player.


Supporting "target" seems to be an easy enhancement, after all it's an integral function for HTML Anchor.

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Has there been any movement on this request?

Power Apps Staff rc
Power Apps Staff
Status changed to: Under Review

Adding @GregLi for the function feedback here, and to talke a look at potential solutions.

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Is any update on this request?


Please add this feature as soon as possible!

Level 8

is there any update on this feature?


It would really help the user experience if we could launch another PowerApp in the same screen, and close the powerapp to return to the original list.

Super User

Would really love to see this feature. I am using Launch() to open Skype calls. When links are clicked today, the user experience is interrupted as users are taken FROM the app TO a blank browser tab. We have to train them to close new tab, navigate back to app, etc. PITA.
I need them to stay in context of the form. 

Please consider enabling this during the next release. 
Thank you!

Level: Powered On

I agree this function is needed.. very frustrating to click a submit button and have two tabs open in your browser and then every user has to close one of them.

Level: Powered On

This function is absolutely indispensable to an application I have been creating. Please incorporate it as soon as possible. Thanks for all the hardwork!