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Launching App/Web Page in same tab/page of browser.

Currently, PowerApps Launching Function is redirecting another app/page to different tab instead of same page. This feature is good for few schenarios but also we should have capabilities to launch in same page with using specific parameter value like (True/False).


Tipical observation on Launching function::

When I am loading page and clcking button where Launch Function is specified to load another app, it is loading successfully in different tab. But while I am reverting back from 2nd app to parent app with same Launch function with passing parent page web link url then it is loading in Same Tab. When I reach parent page and repeat the same steps, it is working in same tab.


Note: in my observation, Launching different tab only in first time execution of each session. Not sure the reason but observed.

Status: Completed

I'm pleased to announce that screen targeting support (including "self") is now available in the Preview region and those on the Frequent refresh cadence in some regions.   It is rolling out further over the next few days.  You can tell if you have it if LaunchTarget is an available enumeration in your app:




The documentation has been updated with the details:   To target a window, you will need to use a new record format for the Launch function which is explained in the docs.


I will also be doing a blog post shortly.


Your feedback is most welcome!

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Combine this and the issues with Edge (Caching / cookies) performance issues if you have multiple accounts. It becoming hard to justify using PowerApps, as no longer a clean solution. Top that with SQL being premium, so every user have to pay to access the data they are paying SQL to store anyway. PowerApps is now just a prototype too, like Visual Basic was, before we move to something better. 


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Can we get this going for 2020?

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I need this in my life!!! Please can we have an ETA for when this will be implimented? 🤞

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Microsoft, please help us out, Customers DO NOT want to use multiple screens ...etc. We need to be able to launch within the same Screen (Using PowerApps Application) or on the browser. The User experience ATM is really terrible! 

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Pretty Please can we have this?!

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The developers are definitely very busy, perhaps they aren't aware of this issue anymore. Is there a way we can reach out to them so they know that this is something community members really want? @Sidhartha75 @barlowse @FadiF @Anonymous @Anonymous 

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bump this seems like a basic feature that should of been there from the start.

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Hey @rc@GregLi - is there any chance we could have an update on this please? It was changed to under review in August 2018 so we'd love to know if this is something we can look forward to! 🤞🤞🤞🤞

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Another bump.  My users continue to ask for this.


Can we at least get an update on when it might be worked on?

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We hear you all.  I'll take a look and report back within a few days.  It is more complicated than one might think, requiring coordinated work from a couple of internal teams.  And we have to weigh the priority versus other new features and ongoing performance and reliability work.