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Launching App/Web Page in same tab/page of browser.

Currently, PowerApps Launching Function is redirecting another app/page to different tab instead of same page. This feature is good for few schenarios but also we should have capabilities to launch in same page with using specific parameter value like (True/False).


Tipical observation on Launching function::

When I am loading page and clcking button where Launch Function is specified to load another app, it is loading successfully in different tab. But while I am reverting back from 2nd app to parent app with same Launch function with passing parent page web link url then it is loading in Same Tab. When I reach parent page and repeat the same steps, it is working in same tab.


Note: in my observation, Launching different tab only in first time execution of each session. Not sure the reason but observed.

Status: Completed

I'm pleased to announce that screen targeting support (including "self") is now available in the Preview region and those on the Frequent refresh cadence in some regions.   It is rolling out further over the next few days.  You can tell if you have it if LaunchTarget is an available enumeration in your app:




The documentation has been updated with the details:   To target a window, you will need to use a new record format for the Launch function which is explained in the docs.


I will also be doing a blog post shortly.


Your feedback is most welcome!

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So then I have to assume that my issue is one of the following two items:


  • the actual 'Self' keyword belonging to LaunchTarget may not available in my environment yet, since the quotes keep disappearing as soon as I do a Save of the App?


  • since I am using the Launch function in an App from INSIDE a power BI report page ( - app tile on the report), it has no choice but to open a new window since it is launching a separate app in (


Do you have any ideas?

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thanks for clarifying the correct syntax.

Power Apps

Yes, I believe that is the problem.  We ask Power BI (nicely) to open the new window in a particular way but they are under no obligation to do so.  Surely we can tackle this in time with enough interest.  Please tell me more about your scenarios and we'll see if we can get it prioritized.

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I've been having an issue with one of my new Launch buttons where I'm getting a re-direct pop-up block on New Edge/Chrome, not a big concern for onsite users as we can whitelist the domain in GPO but we're hoping to encourage users to access this on a personal device, the struggle is that there is no user input, it's all in the OnStart of the app, if I create a button to run the same command it works.


Any tips?

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The basic scenario:  We have an application using SharePoint Lists as the data source, PowerApps as the data entry tool, and Power BI as the reporting tool on the lists.  From the BI report, a user views their desired filtered list of records. From the REPORT VIEW, we have build a specific PowerApps visualization tile so that they can select a specific record while still viewing the report, and go directly to that data entry app screen from a button click from the report itself.  This is where the LAUNCH function is performed (from the PA Viz tile in the report). Currently, even when using the new LaunchTarget.Self option, the App still opens in a separate browser tab ( launching  The issue with this is that it interrupts navigation, specifically when the user is in full screen mode (function pops out of full screen, then opens a new tab - user then cannot use the back button, but has to remember to physically close the new tab to get back to the report).


So, the basic requirement:  Have the "PowerApps Viz tile" in APP.POWERBI.COM recognize the new LaunchTarget.Self function to stay in the same tab when opening the launched app - to allow full screen navigation to seamlessly go back to the calling report using the back button, rather than having to close a separate tab and then relaunch Full Screen mode for the report.


Make sense?  Please let me know if you need additional info.  Thanks

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My scenario is as follows: i developed a dynamic interface in Power Apps, which was inserted in a Power BI dashboard. And, in this interface, the user needs to be able to navigate to other Power BI dashboards, from links that are in that Power Apps interface. In this sense, it is a fundamental requirement, in terms of user experience, that the open dashboard be on the same tab.


I hope I have been clear. If you need additional information, I am available.

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@GregLi ,

This is working fine for lossless (canvas) apps, but not for SharePoint integrated forms.


I used the following Launch() command in various scenarios:

  1. On a button in a canvas app: works just fine
  2. On the OnSuccess of a SharePoint integrated form: does not work
  3. On a button inside of a SharePoint integrated form: does not work
  4. Scenario 3, but instead of triggering the form from SharePoint, I triggered it as a canvas app (using the<APPID> URL): works just fine

So it seems like the SharePoint integration is preventing the LaunchTarget.Replace from actually launching the URL inside the same tab.

I have a scenario that an user needs to be redirected to a custom webpage after submitting an item to SharePoint instead of the user being redirected to the list itself.


Can this be looked in to?

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I think the original thread was started by me as long as three years ago. At that time "canvass" was the only mode. I have no experience with model driven or SharePoint integration. Nothing more to share at this time, sorry.

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Have there been any updates to this thread regarding SharePoint? I am back almost a full year later so I hope the Command has been updated. After clicking the button, I need the user to be directed to another SharePoint Page but under the same tab. Right now, when the user clicks the button the page opens but tabs add up fast. 


Any Solutions?


Also sorry for my lack of technical terminology, this isn't my field.