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Let Powerapps connect to a Document Library



My Idea:


First step would be, that you make Lookup Columns work, that refer to an Document Library

2nd Step: Make them viewable as pdf and activate Feedback columns (like / Rating)



-> Changing them / Uploading new versions would be great as well, but I understand that it might be very hard to implement all those Versioning functionalities as well .....


Best regards,



Status: Started

PowerApps can connect to Document Libraries today. We realize the work needs to be done to improve discovery and usage, and we continuing to work on this.


In the meantime these video tutorials may help:


Thank you,


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We definitely need to be able to connect to document libraries
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Status changed to: Planned
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I agree, I have a document library with employee folders built into them. I can see PowerApps making things easier for me and my team if PowerApps could make use of them

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@Audrie-MSFT any updates on the status yet?

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Planned, prio 1, 2 or 3?

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@MaeniWe don't triage by P1, 2, or 3, however we are looking closely at number of votes in this forum as well as feedback received in other ways. This idea has a lot of votes everywhere, so it's a real priority for us!

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Thanks. That's great news! I guess it's kind of obvious that this feature should be implemented sooner or later, there are so many use cases...
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Support for document libraries,I really need that functionality
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we really need powerapps to support document libraries to make it a worthy app!

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Need this function. Business needs are huge