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Let Powerapps connect to a Document Library



My Idea:


First step would be, that you make Lookup Columns work, that refer to an Document Library

2nd Step: Make them viewable as pdf and activate Feedback columns (like / Rating)



-> Changing them / Uploading new versions would be great as well, but I understand that it might be very hard to implement all those Versioning functionalities as well .....


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Status: Started

PowerApps can connect to Document Libraries today. We realize the work needs to be done to improve discovery and usage, and we continuing to work on this.


In the meantime these video tutorials may help:


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Please advise when added.
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@LarryFThis is planned, but we do not yet have a release date. We do appreciate your patience as we continue to enhance the product. Attachments to lists will come firstly, followed closely by document libraries.


BTW: If you are just talking about "connecting" to Document Libraries - you can do that now. When you add a new SharePoint connection you'll see a blank connection under the custom lists. You can type the name of the document library in that field, and it will be connected so that you can read the library properties.


Apprecite your continue feedback and ideas in the meantime. Thank you again for your patience,



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We need to provide the ability for a PowerApp user to upload a document, tag it wiht SharePoint Metadata, then have it stored in a SP document library.

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Any news of when we should expect this functionality ? End of the year ? 2018 ? 2019 ?

Actually this is blocking for me to push PowerApps to my customers because of limitations like this, and that's too bad.

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the ability to present document ot access to folders will be grate !

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You say that you can connect to a library to view the properties, however when I try the above steps, it states 'List not found' in the error. 


List Not Found
clientRequestId: ef6d550b-1878-5eba-fba1-e8642e65c515

Session ID: 5a8e6c73-dd21-d690-b26b-5fea38510a67


Any idea why this isn't possible? Am I missing something? I can't wait for proper document library support as that will make the difference between our organisation truly making use of PowerApps and premium features such as push notifications. 

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Status changed to: Started
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@Audrie-MSFT - Great news! I take it that it's too early for an ETA? I need to update the leadership team on this feature and whether it's going to be ready in time for a major conference we have coming up - it's literally the difference between us using PowerApps and investing in an alternative, which I'm loathe to do.

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I´ll hang in here 🙂

Got Document Libraries working in my PowerApp.

But the main reason to include a DL is to view and upload files (in my case just images), which both don´t work.


My current idea is to upload a picture via PowerApp to a DL, then analyze it by Compute Vision API (Flow) and store the result within a column.

It already works great, if you upload images from a browser. But not from PowerApps.


The only working solution to upload and view pictures, seems to be a OneDrive/DropBox and an Excel-File to store the path.

But the Flow only supports Document Libraries. That´s why I cant use a different approach 😞


I guess, creating a synch between the DL and a OneDrive could work somehow.

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Once connected to a document library, how do i then create a URL link on the file name to point back to open the document?