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Let datacard span multiple rows on a form



If a datasource has a multiline text column and several single line text columns, i would like to have the multiline text column occupy the left half of the screen and the 3 single lines occuput the right.   If I give the datacard for the multiline field more height, the first datacard on the left gets the additional height as well.


I want the card on the left to span 3 (or more) rows.

Status: New
Advocate I

Yes please.  This is one of my major irritations of planing a powerapp layout that is connected to a SharePoint list.  I want two columns where one column may be a multi-line text box or a list control and not have that blank space in the other column(s) or row(s).

Advocate I

Images, multiline text, or attachments data cards could really benefit from ability to span multiple rows.  Sometimes a gallery + update/patch just doesn't work well for inputting data and while you can introduce data from one card surfaced in controls on another hidden card, this seems a tedious workaround for a feature that I would think is requested often.

Advocate III

I have written a blog that explains how you can achieve this: