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Let me transfer the ownership of a connection to another user

The creator of a connection is automatically its owner. There is no possibility to transfer the ownership to another user. This means, when the login of the original creator is deleted, the connection stops working. This forces us to use a technical / non-person login for the initial creation in order to make sure that working connections are independent from our user management.

Using a shared technical account means additional and unnecessary administration overhead and, when multiple person have access to the password, this can be a security issue. Power BI handles the same situation differently we don't need a technical login there.


Status: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion, we will evaluate it.


You might be able to use the powershell cmdlets or PowerApps for Admins connector to update the editor of a connection (e.g., Set-AdminPowerAppConnectionRoleAssignment or Set-AdminConnectionRoleAssignment) :, https://powerapps.mic...

Power Apps
Status changed to: New

Including @Stephen to help route this suggestion.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion, we will evaluate it.

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Continued Contributor

Is there an update on this? 

Power Automate

Hi KC - we don't have any plans to change this at this time. Our recommendation remains that if a user leaves the company, the new owner creates new connections to use in the flow. Ideally - if you know someone is leaving the company you can do this before they leave (thus avoiding any downtime).

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Continued Contributor


Thank you.