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Let us choose to delete a CDS entity field regardless of the dependencies

If I am choosing to delete a field in a CDS entity, I undoubtedly want it to be removed from all forms and views that it is currently used in. Instead of an error message which tells me that that field has dependencies, I would like a popup that says (something to the effect of)
"This field has at least one dependency in a Form, View, or ____. Do you still want to delete this field and remove it from all Forms, Views, and _____?"
With a cancel and a yes option.

It is very frustrating to have to do so much extra work just to get rid of a field I no longer want. Obviously the dependencies are being monitored automatically, so why can they not be deleted automatically?

At the very least, list out on the screen what the dependencies are! This would work even in the case of complex usage like in view filters.

Status: New