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Let user select SharePoint SPWeb to connect to

Currently I have a SharePint site collection with several subsites for different locations. Each of the subsites have lists with the exact same schema, just the data varies.  A user may have access to one or mor of those subsites, I would like to be able to create a single powerapp That would let a user work in any of the subsites he has access to. The first screen would show a list of subsite he has access to and let hin select one. Subsequent scrreens would connect to data in the selected subsite.


Also , this Capability should be exteneded to site collections. Say I use a provisioningin engine to let users provision sites themselves. Each site is identical. I have a powerapp that will work against any site provisioned with that template.  Today [I think] I need to create a custom powerapp every time a user provisions a site. We need to have a way to have ONE powerapp that lets the user select the site collection he wants to work with.




Status: New
Advocate II

Is being able to save the custom powerapp with a list template and/or associating with a content type and/or PNP provisioning support on the roadmap in the future?