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License Management per user / per app

Since the license changes from October 2019, it is difficult to manage and monitor the per user / per app license:

  • Report by user on how many apps they are licensed for, this is ideal since the per user / per app license includes 2 apps per user
  • Report on the number of per user / per app license my company has and how they have been distributed

These are just a couple of examples, I'm sure there are plenty of other examples.

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New Member

Its incredulous that none of the reporting in the COE starter kit have any licensing data in it.

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I strongly agree with the requested reporting features.


Right now I cannot tell in which environment for which app a user is using their per app license. All I can see is that a user is assigned a per app license (since they get an "baseline" license within the M365 Admin Center) and that a specific number of per app licenses is assigned to an environment.

With these information one is unable to make sure that the licensing is correctly used (as it is a per user, per app, "per environment" license).


Please give us some kind of information for these topics

  • In which environment is my user using the per app license?
  • For which apps / portals is my user using the per app license?
  • How many per app licenses are assigned to a specific app?

I am sure there are more needed information as well, but these would be the required minimum information to be able to use the per app license with confidence.


Thanks for your help