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Licensing | Allow Capacity based models, rather than only standalone user-based models

Often PowerApps are costly for simple tasks that involve SQL like premium connectors, an app developed for 100 users in an organization  shouldn't cost $1500 a month, which is too much for the purpose it may solve. we need capacity-based licensing model where we should be able to purchase x amount of system resources and associate it with an environment, may be like PowerBI premium. in addition we also need to have ability to scaleup and scale down that compute, so best place to have this as a PaaS service type in Azure, so we can scale up and down based on time of day or resource utilization, that is all cloud is for make this more elastic.

Status: New
Kudo Collector

Yes, this would be so good to have. Basically like how Logic Apps are billed. It would solve so many problems and really let the platform bloom out!

Rigth now, I am delivering alot of workshops around the power platform and I always spend alot of time answering questions on how to optimize licensing in different scenarious. It doesnt feel good, when time would be better spended showing how to do things inside the PowerApps studio instead.